Performance ClimbMill WITH TOUCH XL CONSOLE
Performance ClimbMill WITH TOUCH XL CONSOLE
Performance ClimbMill WITH TOUCH XL CONSOLE

Performance ClimbMill WITH TOUCH XL CONSOLE

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Give members an exceptional climb with a premium ClimbMill engineered for unmatched security and durability. Control Zone stops the stairs instantly if anything pushes against rotation, and robust components withstand hard use. A range of refined design features makes every workout more comfortable and service quicker and easier than ever.

WiFi-enabled Touch XL Console features an app-based interface that mirrors familiar smartphone and tablet operating systems, making it easy for members to connect to the content that keeps them moving.

  • Touchscreen LED: 22"
  • Workout Programs: 13
  • Wireless Charging: Wireless charging allows members to charge their personal devices while keeping their screens in view.
  • Connects to Apple Watch
  • Virtual Active: Virtual Active transports users to 60 exotic locales with footage that matches their pace and resistance or incline that varies to match terrain.
  • Sprint 8: An immersive version of our exclusive Sprint 8 sprint-intensity program stimulates natural human growth hormone to burn more fat and build lean muscle in short 20-minute workouts.
  • Step-on Height: 25.4 cm
  • Step Dimensions: 25.4 x 46 x 20.3 cm
  • Assembled Dimensions: 182.5 x 102.4 x 219.1 cm