SK BUSINESS CORPORATION is Established by Abdul Qayum Hashmi (CEO) in 1960. as a Retailer & Whole Seller of Fitness & Sports Equipment in QUETTA PAKISTAN.

The Chairman of SK Business Corporation. Plan the Business Which is based on Low Profit Strategy Because of his Strategy Company becomes the most Popular name in Quetta City for Fitness & Sports Equipment and with in next few years By The GRACE OF ALMIGHTY ALLAH Company starts Exporting Sports Goods to IRAN & AFGHANISTAN.


SK Business Corp. Starts Imports of Fitness & Sports Goods in 1995 from Dubai & Singapore as Company owners always go with market Trends so they decided to open its Huge Retail Super Store in (2005) by the name of SK BUSINESS MART having shopping area 16000sqft where Company Deal in Fitness & Sports with Huge range and added ,Toys, Clothing , Footwear , Cosmetics , Kitchen Ware , House Hold , Bed Linen , Furniture , Luggage and Many More with lots of Famous Brands Franchises and Because of huge variety and High Quality Products SK Business Mart becomes Novelty in the City. 

SK Business Corp. Started to pay More attention on Imports and started to search out Good Fitness Equipment Brands & Manufacturers from China & Taiwan because from year (2000) Fitness Business Growing like nothing so Company Executives decided to Open Head Office in LAHORE in 2008 with the largest Display at 8000sqft of Fitness Equipment which is the largest showroom in Pakistan even till now and Company starts Marketing of there Products and starts appointing distributor for there brands and Products which is now become the largest dealer Network in Pakistan with more than 300 Dealers to serve our Health Conscious People all over Pakistan.

SK Business Corp. have the Honor to launch High Quality Branded Fitness Equipment in Pakistan  for Commercial & Domestic Market and now having the Sole Distribution of many Famous Brands like, MATRIX FITNESS USA, INTENZA FITNESS USA , GYM80 Strength Equipment GERMANY , VISION FITNESS USA , SOLE FITNESS USA , HORIZON FITNESS USA , INSPIRE FITNESS USA , FFITTECH FITNESS PORTUGAL , FIRST DEGREE FITNESS , JOHNSON WELLNESS Massage Equipment , LIVEUP / LIVEUPRO Fitness Accessories ,  HEALTH STREAM TAIWAN, DAILY YOUTH , MUSCLE MACHINE Strength Equipment, OXYGEN FITNESS, DOUBLE FISH Table Tennis Equipment, GIANT BICYCLES ,LIV BICYCLES, MOMENTUM BIKES, HOLLYWOOD RACKS and adding Continuously High Quality Brands & Products in our Range.

                                                                SK - BRANDS

SK Business Corp. is the only Company where you can get World's Top Fitness Brands and the largest variety of Fitness Equipment & Accessories for Commercial & Domestic standards and we are the Pioneers in Field of Functional/Cross Fitness so you can say that you name it we have it and because of the largest stocks Inventories our company have the Honor to Equipped any Standard of Commercial Gyms with minimum Time Frame and Satisfy the Customer 100% with our state of the Art Sales & Services because we always work Hard to keep our Company on Top and By The Grace of GOD SK Business Corporation is Ruling in Fitness Industry of PAKISTAN.