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A high-quality helmet from Giant that is designed with comfort and safety as the priority. It’s designed with Giant’s AirFlow Ventilation System which provides an optimal level of ventilation while riding. On the outside of the helmet there’s a hard polycarbonate shell which will withstand most knocks.

Including MIPS
The MIPS BPS (Brain Protection System) is designed to add protection in helmets against the rotational motion. The rotational motion is a combination of rotational energy (angular velocity) and rotational forces (from angular acceleration) that both affects the brain and increases the risk for minor and severe brain injuries. MIPS BPS has been scientifically proven to reduce rotational motion when implemented in a helmet by absorbing and redirecting rotational energies and forces transferred to the brain.On the rear of the helmet there’s a magnetic light attachment panel, which allows you to put a safety light on the back on your helmet directly.

Inside the helmet, the Giant Compel has TransTextura Plus anti-microbial padding which protects your skull from shocks and harsh impacts. All the padding can be easily removed and chucked in the washing machine to keep it fresh and prevent a build-up of bacteria.

As with a lot of high-quality helmets, this one has a cinch system at the back of it, which means you can get that perfect fit to provide the optimal level of safety for the rider.

  • In-mould all-in-one construction for impact-absorbing strength, ultimate durability and crash protection
  • TransTextura Plus™ anti-microbial padding helps fight bacteria growth by pulling sweat from a rider’s head and transferring it through the AirFlow exhaust ports.
  • Low and high speed impact-tuned construction with optimized low-density EPS, and an ultra-thin toughened polycarbonate shell.
  • Easy dial-adjusted fit belt snugs the helmet to the head
  • Snap-on Removable visor