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Awarded 2014 Fitness Tribune Design Award, the 550Te Treadmill is quickly earning a reputation as cardio equipment of the highest caliber. The 550Te merges stunning design and smart technology with the entertainment and performance features exercisers demand. The eye-catching design of our 550Te blends artistic lines and the long lasting beauty of aluminum elements with today’s must-have technology – creating a line of cardio products truly for the 21st Century. Exercisers marvel at the stable, spacious experience of working out on an Intenza treadmill while operators love the ease of maintenance and sleek, upscale look it adds to their facility.

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Fitness equipment, by its very nature, can be complicated machinery. Intenza products are, indeed, precisely engineered to exacting standards but that is why they’re so logical, so understandable, so kind to your body – the most important machine of all. Large running deck provides ample room for various running styles Facility operators can preset maximum usage times during peak hours – so everybody gets a chance to enjoy the Intenza machines. Ergo bar control center puts access to quick start, speed, and elevation at users’ fingertips so adjustments can be made without breaking stride. Water bottle and accessory shelf keep personal items neatly stored within reach. 15” touchscreen monitor that operates like the smartphones and tablets exercisers use every day, providing exceptional viewing quality. Industrial-grade construction ensures long-term performance and function. Users enjoy their own music, movies, TV or internet while working out - See more at:


online automatically detects when service is needed and sends service diagnostic via WiFi. USB Connectivity For customised workout, workout results, personal settings, multimedia, manual software upgrade. C-SAFE Connectivity Standard C-SAFE connectivity facilitates data transfer. User Custom Settings (1) display unit: Km or Mile (2) buzzer sound: on or off When USB is detected, users may customise (1) name (2) display unit (3) age (4) gender (5) weight (6) buzzer Smart machine will automatically prioritise personalised settings and workout routine when USB is detected Comfort Fit™ Comfort Fit™ designed with easy to use manual stick shift and streamlined motor cover for running in convenience and comfort. Deck and Belt Double-sided pre-waxed reversible deck and 2.5cm pre-waxed belt. Reversible Deck Yes Emergency Stop Safety clip attached to emergency stop switch to immediately turn off power, bringing treadmill to a gentle stop. Stop switch has no magnet to lose and has a guard to prevent inadvertent activation. Auto Stop 60 seconds Accessories Holder Yes Transport Wheels Yes - See more at: