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Fitness Accesories

3 in 1 wood plyobox

Item No: LP8150

Each Side Stands at a different hight 40,50,and 60 cm The Box is plywood construction features internal bracing for maximum stength.
Soft plyo metric box

Item No: Lp8151

The Soft plyo Box are made from a hugh density foam and covered hard wearing non -skid vinyl .so if you want to develope power, reactive strenght or (like crossfitters) you just want to overload the cardio respiratory system with multiple jumps, then these are perfect for if you do miss your jump falling onto a soft plyo box is much kindder than a harder platform.
Premium Urethane Dumbbells 1 to 50 kg

Item No: LP8000

As an alternative to traditional Rubberized bells this design features solid steel heads with a durable shock absorbent Urethane plating fully over-molded to the centre.1 To 50 kg avilable.
10 Pair dumbbell Rack

Item No: Lp8800

Heavy duty 2 tier design Black oval frame saddles for correct weight location saddles prevent damage to dumbells : Assembly required:8(feet)L*2.4(feet)W*2.6(feet)H
Urethane Barbells

Item No: Lp8010

Barbells are very versatile and offer a wide rang of exercese including squats rows and lifts in oder to build muscle and strenght. they can also be used for lunges and calf-raises. barbells are ready to use and match urethane dumbells.10,15,20,25,30 Kg Available.
Urethane EZ curl barbells

Item No: LP8011

Barbells are very versatile and offer a wide range of exercese including squats,row and lifts in oder to build muscle and strength.They can also be used for lunges and calf-raises. barbells are ready to use and match urethane dumbells.10,15,20,25,30 kgs available.
Barbell Rack

Item No: LP8807

Racks for 10 bars Stable double sided design colour-Black Oval frame Ultra durable hard chrome plated grip Not including barbells Assembly required:3feet(L) 2.4feet(W) 4.5feet(H)
Bicep Machine (Premium Series)

Item No: MM-GS306

Urethane Competition Colored Bumper Plate

Item No: LP8021

Large hard chrome hubs Premium Urethane surface coating Diameter:1.5(feet) Competition color Coding:5kg=Yelllow, 10kg=Green,15kg=Red,20kg=Blue,25kg=Black
Urethane Training Plates

Item No: Lp8020

Unique 3 Grip contoured premium urethane surface coating 1.25kg,2.5kg,5kg,10kg,15kg,20kg,25kg, are Available
Olympic Weight tree

Item No: LP8804

Stpre all sizes olympic weight ranging from 1.25 to 25kg in a safe and secure location color:Black
Barbell Collars

Item No: LP8060

Barbell coller are becoming popular in the fitness industry.From crossfitters to srongman these coller hold up and stay put under tough if you're in the market for a good set of collars or just tired of your old school clips now is the time to upgrade.
EZ Curl Bar

Item No: 13

Lenght :120cm Weight : 10kg Bar Diameter: 28mm
Men Competition Olympic Bar

Item No: LP8050

Lenght:220cm Weight:20kg Bar diameter:28mm Rotation System: Needle Bearing*10
Women Competition Olympic Bar

Item No: LP8051

Lenght:201cm Weight:15Kg Bar Diameter:25mm Rotation system: Needle Bearing x 10
Training Olympic Bars

Item No: LP8052

Lenght:220cm Weight:20Kg Bar Diameter:28mm Rotation system:needle bearing x 4 Tested:700lbs
Olympic Bar Holder

Item No: LP8808

Holds 8 Olympic Bars colour -Black Not including Bars
Sand Bell

Item No: lp8225

it,s safe to drop even the 50lb on your foot grip,lift slam toss curl balance, swing crunch.the hyperwesr sandbell is a simple yet powerful training toll.working your body,challenging your muscles and with one might piece of neoprene.
Power Barbells

Item No: LP8140

Power Barbells Bridge The gap between Movement and Strenght Training. It Combines Full-Body Movement With Load enhancing The Vitality, Performance and reconditioning goal of client and athletes. Power Barbell introduces a new concept in fitness and sports Conditioning- Loaded Movement Training. 4,6,8,10 Kg are Available